Where the Trails Are is all about sharing information on public and private equestrian trails open to riders and their horses.  Do you want to get away, then hit the trails.  I am always looking for new trails to venture.  I relish the great escape and freedom trail riding gives from the daily grind.  Finding new locations to trail ride allows for the excitement of  new adventure.   This site will hopefully become a resource guide we can all utilize giving us yet another opportunity to venture out on another great escape.

I have been a horse enthusiast and trail rider for most of my life.  I have found on the web endless information on organized trail rides and competitive/endurance competitions.  However, enjoying the trails to the fullest does not always mean being on an organized ride or competition but just you and maybe a few friends enjoying nature with your horses at your own pace.  I have found very few resource guides or websites that provide an extensive list of trails open to the public.  So I decided to create one.  This gives me the ultimate excuse to  trailer out with my buddy even more, I’ve just got to put up a review on that trail!  Hopefully I won’t be the only one striving to add to this resource guide.  I sure can’t do it all on my own, but I’ll have lots of fun trying.  I hope to see a review, trail tale, or comment from you.

Thanks so much,

Kelly Hurd

Send me an e-mail at: hurdkn@gmail.com

Kelly on Angel, who is registered as an American Indian Horse & Spanish Mustang

If you would like to learn more about Angel and her breed then follow this link: American Indian Horse Registry – Reflection’s Angel